Sometimes I'm confused about life.

Several days ago, a news report spoke of a man picked up NT. 49,000 and give back to the one who lost the money. The guy who picked up the money just gets NT. 3,000 per month, and his life satisfied him.

My income has more then 10 times than that guy. My life is happy. I can eat the food I like. I can buy what I need. I can travel somewhere if I want. I can raise two cats. I can even spend my money for something that maybe I'm not really need. But I still try to climb up. Then,  I'm confused.

Everyone around my life always think about how to make more money. We study, study and study. We work, work and work. Most of us study and work hard because want to make more money. It is as a matter of course, so that if one of us do not want to do that. He will be not promising - even if he can live well. 

Why are people always greedy? What we want in the end? And what we can get after all?
Do you know the answers? Please tell me.

And, please be my teacher about my poor English.... 

Thank you so much.


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